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Random acts of Kindness

After watching the video, what are your initial thoughts? Have you seen random acts of kindness? Have you completed a random act of kindness?



Student Blogging Guidelines

We are going to explore Kim Cofino’s student blogging guidelines. She wrote these when she was at the International school of Bangkok.

Student Blogging Guidelines

As a student blogger at ISB, you are expected to follow these blogging guidelines below. Use the questions in italics to help you decide what is appropriate to post on your blog.

1. Only post things that you would want everyone (in school, at home, in other countries) to know.
Ask yourself: Is this something I want everyone to see?

2. Do not share personal information.
Ask yourself: Could someone find me (in real life) based on this information?

3. Think before you post.
Ask yourself: What could be the consequences of this post?

4. Know who you’re communicating with.
Ask yourself: Who is going to look at this, and how are they going to interpret my words?

5. Consider your audience and that you’re representing ISB.
Ask yourself: Do I have a good reason/purpose to do this?

6. Know how to give constructive feedback.
Ask yourself: What will I cause by writing this post?

7. Treat other people the way you want to be treated.
Ask yourself: Would I want someone to say this to me?

8. Use appropriate language and proper grammar and spelling.
Ask yourself: Would I want this post to be graded for proper grammar and spelling?

9. Only post information that you can verify is true (no gossiping).
Ask yourself: Is this inappropriate, immature or bullying?

10. Anytime you use media from another source, be sure to properly cite the creator of the original work.
Ask yourself: Who is the original creator of this work?

Commenting Guidelines

As a blogger, you will be commenting on other people’s work regularly. Good comments:

  • are constructive, but not hurtful;
  • consider the author and the purpose of the post;
  • are always related to the content of the post;
  • include personal connections to what the author wrote;
  • answer a question, or add meaningful information to the content topic;
  • follow the writing process. Comments are a published piece of writing.

What are your thoughts on these? Which are the most important for us at Piara Waters? Are there any that are irrelevant for us? Is there any ones you would add? Any you feel very strongly about?

If you are having trouble phrasing your comments, Jabiz Raisdana from UWCSEA has put together this little primer on leaving constructive blog comments.


I hope you all have had a lovely holiday break. It has been a very busy semester and I’m looking forward to the next semester. Students were asked to take their pencil cases home at the end of the term to check on their stationery supplies. I would also remind parents that some students don’t have their relevant year level hand writing book. I know that they were in short supply at the beginning of the year but I have seen them at Wooldridges and our newest students have come along with them.

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